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Regulatory Affairs is a highly specialized discipline that often involves expertise from many different areas.

Practical experience in the Canadian marketplace will help speed your products to market.

MCS Associates will share strategies in product registration and site license registration so that your company is clear to proceed with business operations.

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Regulations that directly impact on your business operations are communicated to you allowing you to make informed regulatory decisions proactively and not reactively.

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The importation of a regulated product is a licensable activity in Canada. Canadian businesses that import regulated goods from foreign suppliers to sell in Canada must comply with Canadian regulations.

Specifically, this compels businesses involved with regulated products to seek pre-market product registrations and also to develop policies and procedures for handling regulated products in their facilities.

MCS Associates Inc. provides both expert advice to help register products with Health Canada and develop Quality Control Programs that help manage importation and distribution activities.

Natural Health Products (NHPs) are a class of regulated products that require a product license application. Failure to apply for a product license can result in compliance action that may result in product seizure and/or recall.

A Site License is issued to those firms that provide evidence of compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices for their own operations and for the manufacturing and packaging operations of their foreign-site suppliers.

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Regulatory Services for
  • NHP (Natural Health Products) Submissions
  • DIN (Drug Identification Number) Applications
  • DIN-NHP Conversions
  • DIN-HM (Homeopathic) Submissions
  • IRN (Information Request Notice) Responses
  • COSMETIC Registrations
  • FOOD SAFETY Audits
  • Nutritional Labels

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Our experience and expertise covers all aspects of exporting from the U.S. & other countries.
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