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This year marks a milestone for our firm: we will have been providing expert regulatory advice to the food, pharmaceutical and natural health products industries for over 25 years. We will have consulted for some of the world’s largest firms and it is with great gratitude that we enter the next 25 years of business. We are both proud and privileged to work alongside all of our clients to gain regulatory compliance in Canada. “Thank you.”

In particular, we would like to express our delight in watching the evolution of the Natural Health Products industry. As many of those who know us personally, you will recall that this industry is particularly dear to our hearts. From our early work in the mid seventies to this present day, our company has stood firmly in support of the development of responsible and appropriate regulations.

The industry has matured from the days of vitamin C and Brewer’s Yeast to fancy extracts of exotic botanicals; these products have migrated from traditional retail channels to more mainstream mass-market shelves. Canadians are increasingly entrusting their health care needs to complementary practitioners and are increasingly consuming natural health products.

Our jobs as consultants to this industry have also changed. Our fields of expertise have diversified to include analytical chemistry and toxicology alongside our traditional expertise in regulatory affairs.

Our clients have also changed from suppliers that sell to health food stores to include law firms that serve multinational companies selling natural health products around the world.

With change comes challenge and we remain confident that we are Canada’s premier consulting firm for natural health products. We thank you for the last twenty five years and look forward to the next twenty five.

Yours truly,

Dr. M. Sood, Ph.D

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