We assist clients in the development of compliant packaging for their products using the latest International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) system

Many successful international and domestic cosmetic companies chose MCS Associates for their regulatory compliance services, as well as for their formulation and new Cosmetic Product development in Canada.

A cosmetic is a product which cleanses, improves or alters the complexion, skin, hair or teeth. Cosmetics sold in Canada are registered under HEALTH CANADA’s Cosmetic Notification Section.

All cosmetics sold to the Canadian public must meet the requirements of the Health Canada and the Cosmetic Regulations and the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act and Regulations.

Ingredient Reviews are conducted for new cosmetic products entering the Canadian market by Health Canada’s Cosmetic Notification Section. MCS consults on Cosmetic ingredients as per the latest edition of the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook.

MCS Associates compile Label Reviews for submission in order for a cosmetic product to comply with this regulating board’s ingredient and label claims criteria.

Cosmetic Notification submission is required for the cosmetic products sale in Canada as per the Cosmetic Regulations. This entails submitting a fully completed application to Health Canada within the first 10 days that a cosmetic is available for sale. Failure to notify may results in a product being refused entry into Canada or removed from sale.

We Do It Right the First Time!

HEALTH CANADA Cosmetic Notification Section has lists of product claims allowable based on specific ingredients. MCS ensures that your Claims Review is compliant with this section of HEALTH CANADA.

Furthermore, your product’s list of Allowable Claims are reviewed for regulatory compliance.

Ingredient Reviews and Label Reviews for HEALTH CANADA

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