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NNHPD Site License Renewals: Is your renewal keeping you up at night?

Canadian Site License Renewals:  Recently, we at MCS have seen that NNHPD site license renewal processes are becoming increasingly more detailed and difficult. The process has transformed from a quick matter of submitting documents generated from your Quality Management System to a truly comprehensive audit of not only your QMS system but a detailed evaluation of your past quality decisions.

To design, implement, execute and sustain a robust QMS system that will meet NNHPD’s new, expanded expectations, your organization will need the support of a team of strong quality professionals who understand your business and the nuances of your specific natural health products.

Your team will need practical knowledge and expertise that resides at the intersection of regulatory affairs, quality control, quality assurance, and the chemistry of natural health products. Your team will need experience in the manufacture and testing of natural products. This is a tall order to fill in house with a team of one or two professionals. Often organizations seek out help outside of their organizations but usually this is at a time when the stress is heightened by impending renewals or questions from the regulator. Rely on the experts at MCS to provide quality technical advice that is practical.

How We Can Help You? In addition to guiding you through the specifics of the NNHPD guidance, MCS offers a range of services designed to support manufacturers, packagers, labelers, importers and distributors in adapting to these regulatory challenges. Here’s how we can assist you:

  1. Development of a robust Quality Management System: MCS experts can assist in the development of an entire quality management system tailored to your organization taking into consideration your business and the nuances of your specific products.
  2. Optimizing specific aspects of your QMS System: MCS can assist in reviewing aspects of your QMS system. MCS experts can help in the core elements of your QMS system. But maybe you have a specific question related to specifications of vitamins? Maybe you are looking for a tool to use in root cause analysis in an OOS investigation? Maybe you are new to consumer complaint handling? Maybe you are looking at analytical test method verification? Whatever your specific question maybe MCS will have a subject-matter-expert to assist you with developing a practical solution.
  3. GAP Analyses or Audits: The MCS teams are experts in many areas of Quality ranging from SOP writing to Computer System Validation. Our audit teams cover standards that relate to pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, dietary supplements, natural health products and medical devices. Our teams conduct GAP audits and also provides practical steps for remediation. Let our experts help your compliances efforts in Canada by conducting audits of your suppliers.
  4. Risk Management Strategies: MCS offers a tailored risk assessment approach to evaluate potential effects on drug quality, helping you proactively manage risks and ensure compliance.
  5. Communication with Regulatory Authorities: Our team facilitates effective communication with regulatory authorities, helping clarify expectations and address any queries during the reformulation process.
  6. Plug-and-Play Solutions: Our team will review your requests from NNHPD and based on the specifics of your products develop a custom solution. Typically the solution lies at the intersection of a number of disciplines – let us help you navigate that journey so you can spend more time on your core business.

How Our Firm Can Benefit You:

  • Expertise: Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of the nature of natural products or dietary supplement and the associated quality and regulatory nuances.
  • Custom Solutions: We tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring that our guidance aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.
  • Timely Support: We understand the urgency of regulatory responses and provide timely support to facilitate a swift and comprehensive solutions.

As a part of our core competencies, MCS Associates can help interpret requests from NNHPD and provide guidance on appropriate responses that will be accepted.

To learn more or request assistance please contact us at: enquires@mcs-associates.com

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